Stuck at work

Day 66 — An awkward situation I’ve frequently been running into is working late. Busses from work stop running after about 9:30, so if I work past that time I have to explain to people that I don’t need a ride home to the city, that “I’ll just drive home.” I think I’ve declined enough rides to cement my position of never accepting rides home, but it can still get hairy sometimes. Take this one particular night, where my team was working late, and there was a few folks from the group who lived in the city who were counting on getting a ride home from the fellow city dwellers who drove to work that day. Consider the situation I’m in: I either say A) I don’t have my car today so I too need a ride “home” to the city, B) I have my car so I can drop someone off at their house on the way to mine. Either situation has me going up to the city where I do not need to go. Somehow I got out of this situation, but I got real nervous when it happened. Hoping it doesn’t happen again.

Another realization: there are so few things you can buy when you live in your car. No furniture, only a certain amount of clothes (I need to get rid of a lot), no extra gadgets, no kitchen supplies, nothing. I’m actually starting to save money. Of course, it can all be blown in one flight with a couple nights of expensive food and drink. But I’m trying to avoid that. My technique so far has been to work 7 days a week. I feel like a monk. I work, sleep, and eat in pretty much the same building. It’s a very strange feeling. Can’t believe it’s been 2 months.

So far, no real complications to report. I’m sure this journey would be a bit more interesting if I was living in the city in my car. Still figuring if I want to do that or just stay down in the valley in the secured parking lot.

What a bore I am.