Life changes

Day 71 — Staying with Kelly and James tonight. It was Ryan’s birthday today so we partied late and the Caltrain stops running at 12:15 so it’s this or the SF office couches. Found out today that James and Kelly are breaking up. Feels sad. Might move in with James though which is the only good to come of their situation. Very sad. I love them. Hope to stay friends with Kelly because she seems like a really great person despite what happened between her and James. James is also leaving to work at a startup. That’s something he’s wanted to do for a while though so good for him. I don’t want to lose him as a friend just because we won’t work together anymore. I hope they are okay. I started this journey with them, so it’s sad to see them apart. They have been together for five years. Reminds me of Erin and I except longer and not engaged.

Happy birthday to Ryan though.