The San Francisco Office

Day 35 — Every day is a goddamned adventure. I swear, every day is so different. Each weekend I decide what the hell to do with myself, then jump head first into whatever dumb, complicated plan I’ve decided on for that weekend.

This weekend it’s taking a work bus up to the city, and trying to sleep in the San Francisco office for the weekend. I’ve slept there before. It’s quiet, they have a couch, and security is tight. I’ll be fine (wish me luck).

Might rent a Zipcar this weekend and drive somewhere. I really need to buy a scooter. Or get my car fixed. Scooter’s more fun. It wins.

Today I got my camping lamps and battery-powered fan in the mail. Nice to have light and circulating air that isn’t dependent on my car battery. Also managed to clean up a bit. It’s amazing how messy it gets when I live without light for too long.

Once I get a jump, I can’t let my car die again. Too dangerous to be trapped like that. I think I’ve been lucky. James said they send out notifications when cars are parked in the same spot in the work lots for too long. It should be easy to get a jump. Maybe I’ll do that this weekend with the Zipcar. What a brilliant idea, right?

I’m really enjoying this. I’m falling into a rhythm. Really hoping to take this act on the road some time soon. Just gotta throw down on those car repairs. That shit kills me.