Dark in the morning

Day 5 — It’s funny, I can tell it’s morning outside when I can see less light through my curtains. The garage lights are all on during the night, but in the mornings they turn almost all of them off, making it darker in bed. Sort of inconvenient, but I’ll take it as an alarm clock. I have my car parked against a wall, so each time I get out of it, I bump the door into the wall, and have to shimmy out of the car. But at least I get out privately. No one can see me when I get out of my car, and even if they can, it kind of looks like I’m coming out of the driver’s door.

That morning I was rested. I felt great. My day was great. Work was easy, I left early to meet my Airbnb guests and give them the key to my apartment, came back to work, and just generally had a fine rest of the day.