Grover is a service that allows users to rent tech products monthly instead of buying them. I worked with the design team to redesign the full product’s many facets.

Role: UX, UI, Illustration, Iconography, Prototyping
View it live:

grover hero image.jpg

Categories are often a mess of dropdowns and complex site structures. At Grover, we tried to make that experience a bit more delightful.

We landed on a rainbow-colored dropdown with a nice usability-enhancing front-end trick: by drawing an invisible triangle from the user’s cursor to the list of subcategories on the right, the user is able to move from right to left within that triangle without accidentally selecting other categories along the way. The best thing about this feature is that users probably don’t even notice it.


To go along with this new rainbow-colored category experience, I drew 44 icons representing each product category. These category icons and colors bring life to various parts of the product.



“The catalogue is much more visible. It looks tidy and modern.”

From a Grover customer survey sent out after the launch.


Subcategory page on larger and smaller screens.

category browsing.jpg


I worked with Penny to define a fun, friendly new illustration style. We wanted to do something that made the service feel easy and lighthearted.

90% reimbursement costs.png
Less waste, more sustainability.png
No paperwork.png
Over 1000 products.png
Save Money.png
out of stock.png


In a poll of our users, 74% responded that the new design was a positive change.



To give users a new way to discover products and keep the experience fresh and automatically updated, we built a product feed that shows users something new each time they visit the page. Rules like “Show the top product from the top 4 categories in the first row” satisfy business needs while also showing users the hottest products right now. Rules like “Show the top products in a random category” enable discovery of new products that users might not know we have. “Display a random collection” surfaces something human-generated on the page and lets users dive deeper into our curated content.

for you in browser.jpg

PDP hero cropped.jpg

The marketing department sends a lot of traffic directly to the product detail pages, so on these pages we had the unique challenge of showing the product and all its details in addition to explaining how Grover works and the benefits of renting. The result is a long page with tons of information on it, structured in a way that answers new users’ questions about Grover as they have them.



“The design is more modern. You know directly that it’s the market leader.”

From a Grover customer survey sent out after the launch.