Suggestions for Charleston:


🍳 The Rarebit (Good elevated diner food. Get the Chicken and waffles.)
🐝 Butcher & Bee (great lunch place, daily rotating menu)
🍚 Hominy Grill (touristy, but quite good classic southern food, get a Nasty Biscuit)
🥘 The Macintosh (great brunch food, good cocktails)


🍻 Closed for Business (beer bar, great selection. Really good unhealthy food. The pork slap sandwich is amazing.)
🐠 The Ordinary (fancy seafood, beautiful location, incredible food and cocktails)
🍝 Indaco (great Italian pastas and pizzas, negronis on tap)
🦀 Nana’s Seafood & Soul (authentic, affordable, fried local seafood)
🥘 Xiao Bao Biscuit (Great asian food, possibly my favorite restaurant in Charleston)
🍺 Edmund’s Oast (huge beer selection, great food. They have their own brewery in the restaurant)
🥖 Chez Nous (Incredible French food, in the same parking lot as my old house. Menu changes daily. My house was the little green one in the back of the lot.)
🍽 FIG (great high end dining, but a bit stuffy)


🥃 The Belmont (Best cocktail bar, great whiskey selection)
🍸 The Gin Joint (Really great cocktail bar)
🍺 Edmund’s Oast (huge beer selection, but also great cocktail menu, great food)
🇺🇸 Royal American (Interesting, fun, Americana bar, greasy food, old train station, alcohol slushies)
🍷 Bin 152 (Great wine bar. Get a cheese and meat plate)


🏨 The Dewberry (the best hotel in Charleston, pricy, great cocktail bar)
📘 Blue Bicycle Books (good book store)
🕯 Candlefish (Great, pretty candle/gift shop Fuzzco branded)
🍨 Jeni’s (great, interesting ice cream)
🍫 Caviar & Bananas (small upscale grocery store. lots of cool grocery products, get a Sweeteeth chocolate bar)
🍰 Sugar Bakeshop (very cute cupcake shop)
☕️ Black Tap Coffee (best coffee shop)
🍪 Wild Flour Coffee (go early Sunday morning, share a cinnamon roll)
🥐 Brown’s Court Bakery (best bakery in town, they supply most restaurants’ bread)