Big Cartel Theme

Snakebite is a colorful, extremely flexible theme. The goal of the theme was one that broke from the norm and gave shops a fresh, unique take on the typical Big Cartel theme. The end result is a theme full of personality—something that works for lots of users without at all being generic. The customization of Snakebite allows for tons of energy to shine through in a subtle container. This theme is all about giving power to the user and letting them go wild.

Role: UI, UX, Concept
View it live:


A live version of the theme can be played around with here: Make sure to add something to the cart and then delete it to get a feel for the kind of interactions we built.


The theme is of course screen-agnostic. It looks great on any device.



It doesn't always look crazy. It's flexible, so it can also pull off modern and sleek.



Seriously. Any colors. Any fonts. This was important for this theme. I wanted to enable people instead of restrict them to "my design." Let people get crazy!


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