Brandon Wade Oxendine

Thirty-something-year-old, Pisces, Excited to type his name in big letters

I’m a digital product designer, design manager, art director, artist, illustrator, letterer, and sort of developer based in Berlin. I work between the lines of product design, branding, and art.

My approach to product design can vary based on the situation. With brand new products, I focus on defining and shipping a minimum viable product (note: not poorly made). When I jump into an existing product, my process involves a lot more talking to existing users and determining the most important things to focus on. Iterating quickly is always important.

In branding and more ✨touchy-feely💖 design, I will always champion work that makes you feel something. I like things that are strange or out of the ordinary and I refute the idea that people are boring. People like cool stuff. Branding can’t be contained in a slide deck—it’s engrained in the company. More often than not it’s a natural expression of the people who work there.

In addition to design, I make mixed media art in my studio in Berlin. I sometimes use this work to inform the design I do, but largely it has a life of its own. My art practice allows me to stay grounded in real materials and ungrounded in more abstract themes. Often I think of the work as a sort of diary. 👨‍🎨 View my art portfolio

Things worth checking out if you’re checking me out:

🔪 My Collection of Things, where I document and write about everything I own and recommend.

🇩🇪 Suggestions for what to do in Berlin Send me a message when you get here!

🧙‍♂️ Bingo Bango is the app I’m working on with my friend Jason.

Photo by  Jason Efstathiou .

Where I’ve worked:

Grover — Design Lead

Fuzzco — Design Director

Google — Designer

Designkitchen — Designer

Fuzzco — Designer