A Gmail plugin to help users write better emails. Wordtelligence analyzes all email correspondence between two people and suggests more effective ways of communicating to that specific person. It is based on research that found that speaking more like the person you're communicating with leads to better, more effective communication.

Role: Design, UX, Branding

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It was important to balance the design of this plugin to not be intrusive, while remaining helpful. As a user writes an email, they obviously don't want things popping up around their text the whole time. It was important to let the user write what they first thought, then offer up subtle, helpful suggestions along the way.

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The UI in this Gmail plugin was designed to feel very similar to Gmail itself. It stacked right in line with your other text editing tools, and used Googles UI language to communicate.

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There was also plenty of thought that went into when and how exactly to surface suggestions and how exactly to let a user dismiss tips. It was very important to not be an annoying addition to writing emails.


The design of the marketing website and installation process was also an important part of the process. It needed to be extremely easy and also seem like a helpful, light application. Convincing someone to give access to all their emails is a tough challenge.

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